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Diane McCall

Hello, I am Diane McCall. A founding member of McCall Industrial Supply and have been in the PVF distribution business for many years. I enjoy all facets of my job; learning something new every day, working with my family, and my relationships with my customers. I wake every morning excited to go to work, committed, driven and ready to do my best to services our customers and vendors. I look forward to seeing and visiting with you soon.

Jacob A. Davis

I have been with McCall Industrial Supply since its inception in 2000 and had 8 years of previous experience at another PVDF wholesale supplier. At this point, that’s over half of my life in this field and it’s treated me so well. I’ve had amazing family mentors who have shown me that it’s all about customer service with solutions over problems. I’m pleased to have been a part of the rise and continued growth here and look forward to serving you, our customers. We really would not be here without you. Take care and thanks for contacting us!

Stephanie McCall

Sharing within a team that has ownership is undeniably rewarding. Partnership and service have created a bond with our customers and vendors. Our team is respectably empowered; I am fortunate to be a member. Thank you for your continued business.

Daniel McCall

I started by running the warehouse and deliveries in 2006. I have been around the industry my entire life due to the fact that my grandfather started a similar business in the 1950’s. I strive to learn more about the industrial industry every day so that I can better serve our customers. I like being in the field and helping customers identify problems and coming up with the solutions to fix them.

Lexi Carpenter

I started in 2022 with McCall Supply in the Twin Falls branch, I’m motivated to learn all this new position has to offer! I’m excited to get to know all of our clients, let me know how I can help.

Jim Coggins

In 1989 I started my career in the plumbing industry. I have worked on both sides of the fence in this field with 5 years in commercial plumbing and 21 years doing sales, commercial quotes, and purchasing. Looking forward to finishing my career with McCall Industrial Supply.

Colleen McCall

As a partner, I have enjoyed starting and watching the business grow. My expertise is accounting and Managing both Accounts Payables and Receivables. Every day is better than the next and I enjoy working with our customers and vendors.

Shay Wells

I started with McCall Industrial in 2016 as the warehouse manager. I look forward to growing with the company and gaining our client’s trust. Each client is unique and deserves the attention to detail required for success.

Kaleb Coggins

In 2018 I started my career with McCall as the warehouse manager of our Twin Falls branch. I look forward to growing with our company and evolving into sales as well as meeting new faces. I hope to have a long career at McCall Industrial. Have a great day!!

Steve Pierce

I joined McCall Industrial Supply as the Business Development Manager in 2018. With an Electrical Engineering Degree and 20+ years in industrial process and process analytics, I hope to bring value and service beyond the sale to both our team and customers. I am focused on bringing innovative solutions and products to the table with quality and service second to none.

Ryan McCall

Here to help! I am committed to learning customers’ individual processes and ensuring great service.

Justin McCall

Working in the field and the warehouse allows for solid knowledge of our customer needs. I look forward to growing with McCall Industrial, and learning more each day!